These Three Maryland Wine Festivals Will Leave You Drunk With Happiness

How many times have you found yourself complaining that there is nothing to do in Maryland? Or maybe you feel as though you have seen all there is to see in the state? Have you ever considered hopping into the car and taking on one of the many fine wine festivals held throughout the state?

If you love wine and you love art, you have to head on over to the Art & Wine Festival located in Sykesville. This is a great time and is sure to help you feel a little more cultured by the end of the day. In addition to the countless wines on the display, you will have the opportunity to browse pieces that have been crafted by local artisans. At the time of the writing the cost is $25, however, that does include unlimited samples and a great time to mingle with locals. The Sykesville Art & Wine Festival typically runs in early May and should not be missed.

As you may know, Baltimore is a hotbed of energy, attractions, and events. In early May, the Baltimore Wine & Food Festival at the inner harbor joins into the fray. This festival is a tad more expensive than others on our list, yet it is well worth it. In addition the fabulous wines, you will have the chance to grab some food, beer, and spirits. It is truly a great time that is accented by a large number of people having fun. If you want to be treated like a celebrity at this event, go ahead and purchase the VIP tickets. It is a perfect way to spend the weekend with some incredible wine in a truly great city!

For a truly magical time you will want to drive to Columbia to experience Wine IN The Woods. This is unlike any wine tasting festival we have ever experienced. The vibe is quite nice and the local wineries will take the time to chat and describe their bottles. We suggest trying the samples and buy one bottle of your favorite. Then head on over to the Merriweather and pop open your bottle with some extraordinary cheese and relax the rest of the day. There is nothing quite like a bottle of local wine under the gorgeous blue skies of Maryland.

We hope you enjoy your time in Maryland and be sure to pick up a bottle of a local wine for your friends!